About Professional VillIans Inc.

A Few of Our Employees of Mal-intent 

Queen Lilith

First Woman on Earth, Now Queen of Hell, Demon of Desire, Ruler of Vampires & Succubi, Playful and Irreverent.


Known from her title as the "Mistress of All Evil", Maleficent is well known, proud and always on hand for Photo ops and sarcasm.


The Goddess of Death, War and Protector of Women, has her darker days and though she requires Blood Sacrifices, we have her Under contract to do no harm.


Evil, Sexy, creepy, in-your-face Vampire Clown, Not much is known about her, She only repeated "Ha Ha Ha" on her Job Application a thousand times.

Mother Voodoo

A Beautiful Priestess imbued with the powers of Shadow and Darkness, She will haunt your Dreams and Stare into your Soul, She is a gifted Psychic & Tarot reader.

Morticia AdDams

She is Mysterious and Spooky, but not at all a little kooky, always stately and of course, she is an Addams. 


​The Mal-aligned Sea Witch loves making Land appearances, and her snarky way and Glamorous Swag will leave a memorable impression. Worry not, Her contract specifically states: No Eels.


​Though not really a Villainess, but more a concerned Vampiric mom, Lily is a wonderful addition to any red carpet appearance.



Queen Lilith

And the List of Villains who work with Professional Villains INC goes on and on!!!...Ask about our Other Professionals of Darkness..

Professional Villains INC.

Mother VooDoo

2015 was the Year of the Villain. Though out Time and History, Literature and Film, from Disney to DC Comics, Marvel to Horror, it is the Antagonist, the Villain that captures imagination, inspires action and drives the plot. What would Luke be without Vader? Harry without Voldermort? Batman without the Joker? The World without Freddy? We at Professional Villains INC. cannot fathom such a place...And Thanks to the tireless work of our Dark and Evil collection of Dastardly Deed Doers, neither do you! 

Our Villains come to YOU!

Need some Atmosphere on the Red Carpet of your Sci-Fi/ Horror/Fantasy Convention?

Need an unusual speaker for your corporate Gathering, Event or Roast? An unusual  Villain to Marry you, or maybe you are Looking for a Professional, well fleshed out Character for your haunt,  film, commercial or comic book... then Speak to a Professional Villain TODAY!



 Evil Minions are standing by to take your call!!